Winter Skin Guide: For Your FACE & BODY

For those who live in colder climates, the winter season is something to dread. No one enjoys the cold temperatures and snow just gets annoying after so many days and seemingly endless weeks. However, even if you enjoy the winter season, if you live in colder climate, your skin will become dry if you don’t take proper care of it. Keeping your face and body hydrated throughout the winter season is vital. The cold, dry air and the indoor heat will automatically draw the moisture out of your skin. Your skin care needs to be amped up during the winter. Following is a winter skin guide to help keep your face and body moist and healthy during the cold weather.

Amp up your moisturizing routine

winter-skin-precautionsRegardless of your skin type, you always need to moisturize to keep your face and body looking healthy and beautiful. Hot water dries out the natural moisture in your skin. Keep showers and baths to a minimum and try to use lukewarm water. Moisturizing within minutes of stepping out of the bath or shower helps keep moisture in your skin. During the winter months, it may be necessary to use a thicker moisturizer. Moisturizes that contain petroleum, shea butter, jojuba or beeswax work well. Baby oil is a great moisturizer.

While you are in the shower or bath, remember you may need to change your soap during the winter. A gentle body wash will keep your body clean and protect your skin from excess dryness that bar soap may cause. A body wash that contains nourishing natural and essential oils will keep your skin clean and hydrated.

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Watch your face

Dry-Skin-Moisturizers-your-faceUsing a gentle cleanser and thicker moisturizer on your face is necessary during the winter months. Using a silicone-based eyeliner instead of wax-based will repel water that will dry out the tender area around your eyes. Glossy makeup will accentuate any chapping in your cheeks or lips. It is best to keep the shine down on your makeup. Lip moisturizer and therapeutic lip balm will keep your lips moist throughout the day and while you sleep.

Watch out for dry hands and feet

moisturise your handsEven though they are covered up with mittens and boots most of the time, you still want your hands and feet to look their best. They easily become rough and chapped from the could non-humid weather and dry indoor heat. A good, thick hand cream can be applied all the time to keep hands from chapping. Exfoliating dry cells on your feet and applying a foot cream at night will help reduce the dryness.

Keep your hair looking great

Hair will easily become dry during the cold months. Dry, frizzy hair is inevitable from the dry climate. Using a hair mask once a week will help protect your hair. One with camellia oil can help keep your hair shiny and smooth. Special shampoo can be used to keep the scalp from becoming dry and flaky.

What not to do

While it may seem strange to apply sunscreen during the winter months, it is just as important as applying it during the summer months. Exposure of skin to UV sunlight occurs during the winter as well as the summer. SPF also creates a protective barrier on your skin against the damaging wind and cold temperatures and protects it from dryness.

Keep your skin looking healthy and young this winter season by protecting it from drying and chapping. Moisturize, hydrate and protect it from the damage of the cold and dryness that comes with the change of season. Gentler cleansers, thicker moisturizers and daily care will help keep your skin looking vibrant and beautiful all your round.