Winter Scarf Guide – 2016 Fashion

With colder weather upon us, it’s time to shop for the perfect winter accessory, the scarf. Scarves can be used to dress outfits up or as a pop of color or pattern. They can give a neutral coat a new look every time you wear it. Scarves are as popular as ever this year. When looking for the perfect scarves to complete your winter wardrobe, consider fabric, size, color and style.

Look for Scarf Fabric

Organic fabric scarfScarves come in a variety of fabrics. Because scarves are worn daily throughout the winter months and into the spring, it does not hurt to spend some money on good, quality scarves. As the perfect accessory, a scarf will always fit, so it will be a staple in your wardrobe for many years. Silk and cashmere may cost more than polyester blends, but they will look great whether you are going for a formal or a casual look. A wool or cashmere scarf will keep you warm while silk or polyester blend are more for show. For formal occasions, more expensive fabric will look classic and chic. For more casual or everyday wear, consider warmth as well as style. When choosing a fabric for your scarf, beware of bulky material. Scarves work well as a layering accessory to add depth to an outfit. While it is beneficial to choose a warm scarf, it will look best if it is not a bulky one.

How long your scarf should be

Considering the length and width of scarves this year, almost anything goes. This year’s scarves tend to be long and wide but any classic length and width are timeless. The average scarf is 50 to 90 inches long and 6 to 14 inches wide. It really depends on how you will wear the scarf, the formality of the events you’ll wear it to and your body. Larger scarves can be tied in many different ways. Shorter and thinner scarves are more formal. Taller men and women look good in longer scarves while shorter people look best with a shorter scarf or one wrapped more around the neck.

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What color to match your style

scarves in different colorsEveryday scarves should complement the coat or jacket that you regularly wear. You don’t want a scarf in a pattern with a coat in a different pattern. However, with a neutral or black coat, you can wear just about any color or pattern scarf. For formal events, a white scarf in a luxurious fabric hung loosely under your coat will look classic and sleek. For everyday wear or going out on the town, you can add a fun pattern or pop of color if you’d like.

Style your scarf

Scarves come in a variety of shapes including the most common, rectangular, triangular and the popular middle eastern style, keffiyeh. Scarves can be tied simply or as complex as you’d like. The “Knot of Paris” is a popular way to wrap a scarf. Fold the scarf in half, wrap it around the neck, loop it through and pull the ends taut. It is a stylish and comfortable way to wear a scarf. For a casual style, wear the scarf around the neck unknotted. For a warm and fashionable look, wear the scarf wrapped several times around the neck.


Because it can be worn with just about any outfit or coat, the scarf is a great winter accessory. You can adjust it to look best for your individual taste. You can wear it for formality or for warmth. Wearing a few different scarves throughout the winter will help you feel like you have an entirely different look each time you wear a different scarf with the same winter coat. Don’t worry about spending money on quality scarves this year. They are a stylish and timeless classic accessory for your winter wardrobe.

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