What to Wear in Summer If You’re Fat

During the summer months, people change their wardrobe and will often wear more revealing clothes to cope with the heat. Clothing choices can be particularly problematic for larger ladies at this time of the year as their body shape may limit their fashion choices. However, even if you would describe yourself as curvy, there are still options for you that will mean you feel comfortable in the heat, look stylish and can hide the parts of your body that you dislike. Here are some tips for what to wear in summer if you’re fat.

Choose Natural Fabrics


The heat of summer can cause sweating. This is particular an issue for larger people who may sweat excessively. This can cause lead to soreness if the tops of your legs rub together or you have folds in your skin. Natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, will allow air to get to your skin and keep you cooler. On the other hand, man-made fabrics, such as polyester and nylon, are likely to make you sweat more.

Wear Clothes That Actually Fit

overweight clothing in SummerA common mistake that curvier women often make is to wear clothes that don’t fit properly. They either choose overweight clothing for summer that is baggy in an attempt to cover their boy up, or they wear clothes that they have not fit into for many years. The problem with the former is you will make yourself look larger than you are. The latter will mean you have excess flab protruding from clothes. By wearing clothes that fit you well, you will hide the parts of your body you are unhappy with and show off your better features.

Avoid Sleeveless Tops

fat woman Sleeveless TopsSome items of clothing are unflattering for women who are overweight and these are best avoided. Sleeveless and vest tops fall into this category. If you have bat wings, these are on display when you choose to wear this style of top. Similarly, any excess flab around the top of the bust or near the armpits will also overhang. Shirts with a capped sleeve are a much better option. Make sure you choose a top where the sleeves are not too tight or you will create a bulge where the sleeves end.

Be Comfortable

No matter what you choose to wear, you should always make sure you are comfortable. Your clothes should not cause you any physical discomfort. In summer, this means choosing things that will help you to keep cool. Being comfortable is also about how you feel in what you are wearing. It is important that you feel happy in whatever outfit you choose to wear.

By choosing the right fabrics, wearing clothes that fit you well and avoiding items of clothing that reveal parts of your body you would prefer to hide, you will look great and feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Just because you are a curvy woman does not mean that you should not feel comfortable and look great during the summer months.