What to Wear for Mountain Hiking

A popular activity during the summer months is hiking. It is a fantastic way to appreciate the outdoors, get some fresh air and keep fit. However, the enjoyment you experience when you are participating in this activity can be severely hampered if you do not choose the right sort of clothing. Here are some tips for what to wear for hiking in summer.

Weather protection and hiking

hiking in summerWearing clothing that will protect you from the weather is important. During the summer, the damaging effect of spending too much time in the sun is one thing to consider. Make sure your shoulders are covered as they can easily become burned by the sun. Wearing a hat is as also important as it can help prevent you from suffering from sun stroke. Spending time in the heat combined with high activity levels can cause excessive sweating and this can lead to heat rashes and chafing of the skin. Avoid wearing tight clothes as this will increase the chances of the fabric rubbing your skin. Clothing made from natural fabrics, such as cotton, allow air to breathe in and out of your clothing and will help to prevent sweating. Another point to remember- don’t forget to apply sun cream before you set off and take it with you to top up while you are out for the day. If rain is forecast, pack a lightweight waterproof jacket in your rucksack that will protect from the rain but won’t be too hot in the summer heat.

Comfortable clothing for comfortable hiking

what to wear for hiking in summerHiking is more about comfort than making a fashion statement. Uncomfortable clothing will impede the progress you make on your hike and will make it a less enjoyable experience. Try to avoid new clothes as you do not know if you will feel comfortable in them, especially if you are going for a long hike and will be out for a considerable length of time. Tight trousers will make hiking difficult and may also be uncomfortable in the heat. Therefore, loose fitting trousers or shorts are the ideal choice. A cotton T-shirt is also perfect.

Special footwear for mountain hiking

Choosing the right footwear can make all the difference between having a fantastic hiking experience and hobbling to the end of the hike with painful feet and blisters. The best option is to wear a proper pair of walking boots as these will provide your feet and ankles with exactly the right amount of support they need for this activity. Don’t set out on a challenging hike without breaking in the shoes first though. Make sure they are comfortable to wear well in advance of setting off. Wearing a decent pair of socks is another important factor to remember.

footwear for hiking

For an enjoyable time when you are hiking, wearing the right clothes is essential. Comfort, the weather and choosing the right footwear are the main three points to consider before embarking on your hike. By taking these into consideration, you will feel comfortable while you are out hiking Specially if your clothing and hiking Material is from Hiking specialists like The NorthFace Store 😉 I’ve found some great deals out there 😉

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