How To Wear Converse Sneakers


Converse All Star Sneakers or “Chuck Taylor’s” are classic and versatile. The shoe may have started out as

an athletic shoe but has become a style icon that appeals to people of all ages. The classic shoe goes with

just about any outfit. They are unisex, casual, comfortable and fun to mix and match with clothes.


History of an iconic shoe

imageConverse All Stars were first developed by Marquis Mills in Malden, Massachusetts in 1908. Within 10 years, the shoe was marketed to the popular sport of basketball. Its rubber sole and canvas upper made it a breathable and comfortable shoe to wear while playing sports. In the 1920s popular basketball player, Charles “Chuck”

Taylor became the Converse company salesman as added designs to the shoe that enhanced flexibility and support. As the product spokesperson, Taylor took the shoes into schools and worked with children on basketball fundamentals. By World War II most athletes wore the popular shoes and even World War II soldiers wore the shoes while training.


By the 1960s Converse “Chucks” became widely popular in subcultures and gradually shifted from an athletic she to a casual fashion statement among musicians, actors and artists. The basketball shoe became a modern mainstream shoe when it was last worn by professional basketball player, Tree Rollins in 1979.

Since Nike, Inc. bought Converse in the early 2000s the shoes are considered comfortable and stylish. Easy

to wear, the shoes are popular among young kids, tweens, teens and adults.


How to wear Converse

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female or how old you look. The classic look of Converse shoes goes

with just about any outfit. The shoes make a statement and can be mixed in with a multitude of styles,

casual or not. The shoes really do go with anything and, while making a fashion statement or worn purely

for comfort, Converse shoes can really be worn with anything.


Everyday Casual

It’s obvious to wear the comfortable, lightweight sneaker every day. They go great with jeans, leggings,

shorts or even trousers to create a casual look when running errands, going to the movies, shopping or just

hanging out with friends. The classic shoe can make a statement to an outfit that can carry from day to

night. Not only do they look great, but the shoes are comfortable.


Dress down a dress

Versatile Converse sneakers go with anything. A shift dress, a twirl skirt or a romper always makes a well

put together yet comfortable outfit for any woman. Converse All Stars a great way to add a touch of fun

to a dressy outfit so you can enjoy comfort as well as style. Whether neutral black or white, a fun color like

pink or even a custom designed print, Converse sneakers can be mixed with just about any style of dress.


Edgy and artsy

Whether a throwback to 1990s Grunge or as comfortable shoes for an all day music festival, Converse shoes

are better for the feet than a pair of sandals or heels for a long event. Whether paired with a plaid shirt and

jeans, a tee shirt and shorts or even leather, the shoes will keep your feet comfortable and keep you looking

edgy as you enjoy time with friends.


Converse shoes have proven timeless appeal as a comfortable, fun statement to add to just about any

style of outfit. The classic shoe is versatile and easy to wear. The sneaker has proven its appeal over


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