Summer cycling clothing guide

Now that the summer is upon us, it’s time to dust off the bike and get out in the fresh air to experience the joys of the road on two wheels. However, it is very important to dress properly, as even during warmer weather it is vital to stay safe. Follow these handy hints to make sure that you are appropriately kitted out for your cycling adventures.

Summer Cycling Helmet

summer cycling helmet

No matter how warm the weather is, you should always make sure to wear a cycling helmet when you are out and about. A helmet can save your life in the event of an accident, so take the time to find one that fits correctly.

Summer Cycling Gloves

Summer cycling Gloves

Even if you are tempted to pack away gloves as soon as the sun appears in the sky, you should still consider choosing a lightweight pair to see you through the summer months. Gloves can give you improved grip while steering and will help to prevent painful blisters through their cushioning effect.

Cycling Sunglasses

You will need to choose some appropriate eyewear to prevent glare while cycling as riding without some eye protection from the sun can prove dangerous, restricting your vision of the road ahead and any hazards you may encounter. Choose a pair of lightweight, wraparound, plastic frames that will extend your field of vision while preventing any grit or debris getting blown into your eyes.

Summer Socks

It is important to still wear socks when cycling during the summer months to protect your feet from blisters. You should opt for polyester and other breathable fabrics that are specifically designed to keep your feet cool and free from sweat.Summer cycling socks

Cycling Shorts

Choosing the right pair of cycling shorts can greatly increase your comfort while on the road. The best option is to go for a pair of bib shorts, which do not have a waistband that will dig in and eventually become painful. They also offer better support for your back and will mold to your figure.

Summer Cycling Jersey

summer cycling jersey

Choose a lightweight short sleeved jersey that is made from breathable fabrics to cut down on sweat and increase the comfort of your ride. A close fitting jersey will aid your aerodynamics if speed is important to you, and it makes sense to choose one that has a zip-up valuables pocket so you can easy transport your phone, keys and other accessories safely.

Arm Warmers


No matter how warm it seems when you step outdoors, when you are cycling, the wind can feel cold on your skin. Choose polyester arm warmers that will prevent draughts at the same time as protecting you from harmful UV rays.

Cycling Gilet

A gilet is still a useful accessory during warmer weather as it can protect against unexpected showers and against wind-chill after sweating on an uphill climb. If you opt for a lightweight one that is easily foldable, you can store it away when not required.

If you follow these useful tips, you should be able to enjoy your summer cycling to the full!