Summer Beach Accessories

Summer’s here and along with it come long, lazy days, time to relax and time at the beach. You want to make the most of your time relaxing or playing by the waves, so it’s important to bring the right accessories with you. Here are some important, unique and just plain fun items to help you pack your beach bag for the perfect beach day.


~Round Beach Towelpizza

Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Round beach towels are perfect to use at the beach, since they give you more coverage than a regular rectangle one. You have room to stretch, roll over and keep your stuff nearby without it getting covered in sand. Even better, they come is so many super cute designs like a pizza, watermelon or a doughnut. What could be better than laying out on chocolate and sprinkles all day?


~Waterproof/Underwater Camera

Even if you’re not going to be taking pictures in the water, an underwater camera is a great idea for the beach. They are made to be more durable than a regular camera and, of course, no worries if it gets splashed with water or covered in sand. Plus, it will save the battery on your phone, too.


~Sunscreen Storage Container

Instead of just throwing your wallet and keys into your bag, try storing them in an empty sunscreen container. This will not only protect them from sand and other debris, but can help deter would-be thieves by disguising your valuables. You can use your own empty container or purchase one online if you wish.


~Waterproof Phone Case

This is absolutely essential if your phone is going to be anywhere near water. Even if you are careful, everyone else may not be and you can easily end up ruining your phone. A waterproof case can put your mind at ease by protecting it from water and sand as well. If you don’t have one, at least use a heavy Ziploc bag to protect it. Too much can be lost with a dead phone.


~Waterproof Speakers

Yes, they do exist! When you want some music for you and your friends, but don’t want to risk destroying your speakers with sand and saltwater, try a waterproof one. You can completely submerge them in water, so if a friend throws water on you, you’re fine. And if sand gets on them, no problem, just rinse it off! A must-have for music at the beach.

With just a few (mostly waterproof) items, you can be all set for an awesome day of soaking in the sun and riding the waves. Remember the basics as well, like sunscreen, sunglasses and lots of water to keep hydrated, and your day at the beach will be safe, secure and most of all, fun!

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