Great Ways to Save Money When Eating Out at Restaurants

Eating out can be costly especially when you are with family and friends. If you are looking for ways to save money eating out at restaurants, there are many options. You can enjoy a delicious meal without spending a fortune.

Find Discounts

restarant-discountIf you wonder how to save money when dining out, the most common wayis to find discounts. If you follow a restaurant on social media youwill be offered coupons and be aware of promotions. There are many clubs that you can join to receive discounted meals. Some can be found on websites including, and You could also sign up for a free 30 day trial with Taste Card which offers 2 for 1 meals at many restaurants throughout the UK.

Be Flexible

time_for_lunchIf you are flexible as to the time you eat out at a restaurant, you can find some good deals from the Old good DealChicken known today as DealFlavor, They do have some great discounts  of 50% OFF!! One option is to eat at a nice restaurant for lunch rather than dinner. The experience of fine dining with lunch is less expensive than dinner. Many fine restaurants offer Pre-Theatre menus. You may have to eat a bit earlier but you can enjoy a lovely meal. Many restaurants offer promotions such as “kids eat free” nights. Find a new restaurant that offers a “soft launch” where you can enjoy the restaurant as they have a test run of food and services before officially opening. Also, look for happy hour deals and enjoy.

Try different foods

foods-to-save-monenyn-restaurantsIf you are willing to try different types of foods you can find many inexpensive options.There are many ethnic restaurants throughout the UK. Often these restaurants are less expensive than conventional restaurants and offer the opportunity to taste different foods and experience different cultures. Vegetarian restaurants often have less expensive options on their menus. Chain restaurants are often much more affordable than privately owned restaurants. If you are eating out as a family or in a large group, a chain restaurant can be affordable. Many Pubs offer meals that are filling and inexpensive. This is a great option to enjoy traditional British food.

Other ways to save

Before you dine at a restaurant, check for any added service charges that would increase your bill. Don’t judge a restaurant by its storefront. Some of the best restaurants are not located a restaurant district and may be a hidden gem. Word of mouth is usually the best way to find these hot spots. Expensive drinks and desserts can add up. If you avoid ordering them, you’ll save money. Most kids’ meals are over priced. Instead of ordering off of the children’s menu, have children split and adult sized meal. Finally, you can join a Caff Society for a hearty meal at a minimal cost. These are family run and provide a hearty portion of delicious food. Many cities have them and they are usually conveniently located at the edge of a Market or near a train station.

Dining out at a restaurant does not have to be an expensive experience. There are many options to enjoy a good meal away from home without extravagant cost. Look for deals and enjoy your meal.