Amazing personalized Bracelets gifts for ladies

Whether you want to look more beautiful, to express what you love and share what you care bout, wearing bracelets will do it for you, specially if they are personalized to you by the best handmade bracelets makers on Etsy.

Here is a list to get you inspired about some cute amazingly personalized bracelets that you can give as a gift to the ones that matters a lot in your life, or simply to put on your hand and express your style.

Put a name on your bracelet



Blessed Bracelet



A delicate matte gold plated branch with leaves is the heart point of this peace of romantic bracelet, which is connected to a double 14kt gold filled chain,  this bracelet will be the perfect gift for your bridesmaids or a special someone who has a big place in your heart.



How about a Filigree and opal slave bracelet or you can call it a ring bracelet. This amazing hand piece is made with silver plated flat link and ball chain, with a little glass opal in a silver plated setting with silver plated diamond, and filigree connectors on either side.





Pearl Bracelets will make you look more sexy with glamor and love!

Just look at this cute graduating pearl bracelet



Or you can try some Hearts Bracelet, which will look amazing on your hand



Heart initial bracelet



Swarovski Bracelet. A stunning bracelet on my favorite byb Swarovski color – Pacific Opal. Pacific Opal is a minty blue-green in color. check it now, there is a discount on it!



Enough for you sweet lady, take a second and think about your man!

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