Overweight dressing tips to avoid looking fat

When people are trying to give themselves a slimmer appearance, they tend to automatically think that they need to go on a diet, or start a strict exercise regime. However, it is possible to make yourself look slimmer almost instantly, by just making a few small changes to the way you dress. The following tips can be used to help you dress slimmer.

Choose Colours Carefully

colors-bodysColours that are dark or neutral are the most flattering, whereas bright colours are usually best to avoid. It is also a good idea to dress in the same colour for the whole outfit, as this will make people look at the outfit as a whole, rather than at individual parts of your body. You can break up a dark outfit with colourful accessories such as bracelets.

Draw Attention Away From Problem Areas


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If you have any areas of you feel particularly self conscious about, then there is usually a way that you can draw attention away from these areas. For example, if you do not want people to focus on the bottom half of your body, then wearing a top with detail can help divert focus to the top half.

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Make Good Use Of Length

long-shirtsWearing longer items can make people focus on the length of your body, rather than the width. There are many different types of clothes and accessories that you can use to create this effect, such as cardigans, scarves and longline necklaces. It is important to stay away from bulky items though, as these could actually make you look bigger. Take these considerationsin in mind while choosing the right prom dress for your body type.

Wear Heels and gain some height

The taller you look, the slimmer you will appear so wearing shoes with heels is always a good idea. If your jeans or trousers skim the top of your shoes, then this can also help make you look slimmer. This is also the reason why vertical lines are more flattering than horizontal, as they make people focus on your length.

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Buy Plus Size Clothing

Plus size clothing is specifically designed to be more flattering to the larger figure, and so most of the work has already been done for you. You can choose an outfit solely on the basis of whether you like it, without having to worry about how you will look when wearing it. Underwear that has been designed to have a slimming effect may also be a good idea, particularly if the area around your bottom and tummy is a problem for you.


Following the tips above can help you to look slimmer without having to follow diets that make you feel deprived, or having to spend hours a day exercising. A lot of the time, how good you feel about your body shape is all to do with how confident you feel, and wearing clothes that you know make you look good can really increase your confidence. Check this new collection from Nordstrom You can also try to find it for less at Nordstrom RACK

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