Must have kitchen tools

Must have kitchen tools for healthy eating

We all know that eating prepackaged food is easy. It seems that using processed meals and ingredients saves time with busy lives. With the right kitchen tools for healthy eating home cooking doesn’t have to take up too much time. It can actually be as quick as popping a prepackaged meal in the microwave but without all of the unhealthy preservatives. There are some really great kitchen gadgets that make healthy eating easy and fun.

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Blenders are a great way to make nutritious foods. Fresh vegetables can be chopped or puréed to make healthy salads or soups. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be blended to make delicious smoothies and juices.



Quality-Steamers-brandsSteaming is healthy alternative to frying or sautéing which require oil or butter to be added to fresh vegetables, rice or lean meats. With a steamer all you need to do is add water. A whole meal can be made in the microwave in minutes. Clean up is easy. Just throw the steamer in the dishwasher.

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen Scales

To avoid using heavy proportions, a kitchen scale balances ingredients. There are some scales that even have an apps that will help determine how much you need of any particular ingredient you plan to use. A digital scale makes preparing a meal with healthy proportions when counting calories.

Slicers and Peelers

Slicers and PeelersPeeling and slicing vegetables can be time consuming and messy. A good slicer can make the task easier. A slicer with adjustable blades can be used to cut vegetables in different ways. There are peelers that contain the scraps and make clean up easy.

Oil Misters

Oil Misters and SprayersOlive Oil is a healthy alternative to other oils or butter when cooking or flavoring healthy food. However, pouring Olive Oil can easily add too many unnecessary calories. Sprayers and misters help flavor bland foods without over pouring.

Salad Dressing Containers

Make your favorite dressings in a container and keep it stored in the refrigerator. You can add healthy ingredients instead of using store bought dressings with extra sugar and preservatives. A container with a drizzle or mist top will help dress salad lightly instead of pouring extra calories onto your healthy salad.

Herb and Spice Containers

Herb and Spice ContainersHerb and spice containers can be used to chop and contain healthy seasonings. Freshly chopped herbs and spices wilt quickly. There are special containers that will protect them from wilting and allow them to be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks.


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Fruit Freshener

It’s difficult from keeping fresh fruit from starting to decompose. A fruit freshener absorbs the ethylene gas that fruits emits and keeps it fresh longer.

Keep Fruit Fresh

Lunch Containers

Lunch containers with separate compartments can make taking a meal to school or work easy and healthy. Salads stay fresh. Food can be reheated. Containers can are stacked which makes travel easy and spill proof.

Making healthy dishes at home can be quick and easy with the right kitchen tools. It doesn’t have to take long to prepare healthy meals with fresh ingredients. Getting creative in the kitchen can be fun, and the results can be meals made with healthy alternatives to prepackaged ingredients. With the right kitchen tools, you can make nutritious meals in minutes.