Give your bathroom the look and feel of a spa retreat

Taking a weekend vacation to the spa could be an amazing way to forget about any kind of stress you had, but unfortunately we can’t all afford the cost to go to the spa every weekend. Well, if you think this dream can only be reached by celebrity’s then let me show you some affordable tips to get your bathroom the look and feel of your dreamed spa that make an end to your stress and gets you in a new relaxed mood to start a new day.


Think about your bathroom organization

As you already know, nice smelling soaps and shampoo are a good way to treat your body and feel like in spa. But don’t just put them in randomly in your bathroom corner. Use your imagination and think about a creative presentation. Use your nice containers for products you like handling. If your bathroom has a tub, then you most get a woody bathtub caddy to feel a new different soak and relax experiment and get everything near to your hands while showering, i’m sure you don’t want to quit that hot water to grab something you forgot.

No stress ! I’m in the bathroom please!

Once you get in your bathroom, eliminate any thing that might distrub you out first. There could be some loud noises and sounds from cars down the street or from some constructions nearby. To cover up those unwanted sounds you can bring in your music station and turn on some relaxing songs and feel your self on the clouds.

Turn down the lights and turn up your feelings

Need more feeling to forget about everything and believe yourself in the spa ? No problem ! Bring in candles, or setup a light control dimmer switch to reduce the lamp light, this will create a warm mood lighting exactly like if you were there in the spa. If for some reasons you can’t use the dimmers we are talking about here, you can still get the warm light effect by using candles galore or wall sconces.

Candles for bathroomHowever, if you decide to use candles in your bathroom here is how to do it, Get your favorite scented candles and place them around the corners so they are ready when you are there for a hot bubble bath. If you prefer an alternative to candles please consider scented reed diffusers.


Add art or something surprising

bathroom-artDo you know how many hours of your life are spent in your bathroom? You can’t imagine how many people tend to forget about adding life and feeling to their bathrooms. The perfect way to do that could be simply done by fixing a big piece of artwork or gallery on your wall, Or it could be just a large mirror in behind the door or in a strange spot. Maybe you can keep it simple and easy by putting a bouquet of flowers on the corner of your bathtub. The idea here is to decorate the place with something that will make you surprised and get you in that spa feeling mood.

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Add greenery, it will add life to the room

plants-for-bathroomWho said a bathroom should not have plants? well, it seems that no one is having plants on this place. We all know that plants can clear the air, not only that, they can easily add colors, and feeling to an old bathroom. And don’t be worried about watering, your bathroom humidity will keep the plants alive if you forget them for a few days. If you are wondering about which plants to put there, you can Try bamboo, aloe vera, and philodendrons.

Get final touch of softness

bathrobeAll right, now you took your shower, you left all the stress behind you, you smells good and you feel better, now you are two steps from feeling spoiled like in the spa. All you need to get that final touch is to take that feeling of relaxation with you by surrounding your body with softness. All you need is to step onto a pair of fluffy slippers or at least onto a soft bath mat and to wrap yourself in a cozy towel or bathrobe.


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Maybe you have some other tips for pimping your bathroom to acquire the feel and look of a relaxing spa that you have tested or seen some where and would like to share?

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