Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, you may be in a hurry to get your house decorated quickly and efficiently. There are many ways to do some last minute decorating. It doesn’t have to cost much and you may be able to make use of things around the house. Following are some last minute Christmas decorating ideas.

Recycle what you already have

Christmas candlesCandles and vases used every day can become simple, classy and festive Christmas decorations. Groupings of candles or votive candles make a great addition to the table, side table or mantle. Fill glass vases with Christmas ornaments for an instant festive decoration.

You most likely have some decorating tools where you would least expect. Scarves can be used as an instant tree skirt. Mittens can be hung by clothespins to string or ribbon and used as garland for the tree, stair rail or mantle. Cinnamon or candy sticks can be grouped together in a bowl or vase to add a Christmas touch to any room. Another idea is to tie together all of your family Christmas cards with photos and hang them from the mantle or on a wall to bring back memories of Christmases past.

Look to nature and grab what you need

poinsettia-for-christmas-treeYou may be able to find instant Christmas decorations right in your yard. Snip off some branches from an evergreen tree and fill a large vase with them. You can also use branches to decorate the mantle or stair rail. If you don’t have a Christmas tree, add ornaments to the branches. Poinsettias always work well as Christmas decorations. Group a few together or place them in bare spots to add a pop of red and green to your home. Groupings of pine cones in a basket or laying on the table is a great idea to use something right from your own yard.

Make Decorations

handcrafted-christmas-ornamentsYou can easily make your own Christmas decorations for a last minute touch. A quick trip to the craft store may be all you need. Craft paint can be used to decorate windows with Christmas pictures or write cheerful words. Thick wire rimmed ribbon in red, green, gold and silver can be used to create bows for adornment of vases, candle holders, mantles, trees and more. It can be used as garland as well. Other ideas for garland include stinging popcorn and pompoms or other things you may have around the house. Some of the best and most beautiful ornaments are those that are handmade. Use your imagination to create wonderful ornaments.

Get the kids involved


Work with your kids to come up with some great creative decorations. You can use some of there toys. Blocks can be spelled out in a Christmas greeting perhaps. Kids love to do craft projects and Christmas is the perfect time to create together. Homemade ornaments and wreaths can be used in your home and treasured for years. Paper, scissors, ribbon, crayons, string, glitter, buttons, beads or other small objects are all that is needed. Finger paint can be used to create a hand print wreath that will be a treasured reminder of how little your children were during future holidays. Use popsicle sticks to make little snowman and group them together for a cheerful touch.

If you are in a bind and need to decorate your home for Christmas fast, there are many interesting ways to do so. Last minute Christmas decorating can be fun and easy. Use your imagination and you can find simple things that can be used and created to make wonderful, festive decorations for the holiday season.