Importance of vitamins and supplements to Build Muscles

The key to success is never giving up. You know that age old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Well the same goes for trying to change your body and gain more muscle. Keep in mind the vitamins and supplements will help you get the muscle you want but diet and exercise are also keys players.

Getting enough protein in your diet plan

muscle-building-supplements-vitaminsWhen I think about building muscle the very first thing I think of is protein. You can either take this in supplement form, protein bars or foods that contain high about of proteins such as peanut butter. Getting enough protein in your system while building muscle is important because one of its main roles is to repair muscle tissue. So it helps build the muscle in the long run. That’s why some people say to eat protein right after a workout. Also on a side note, proteins that are considered “hydrolyzed” actually digests faster allowing the muscles to absorb it more quickly.

Which Vitamins your muscles needs?

Vitamins are important for every day functionality of the body, but when it comes to muscle building there are specific ones to pay attention to. It’s important to have good vitamin C intake. Most people know if for keeping colds away but it also maintains connective tissues throughout the cartilage and tendons in your body.

Walgreens Vitamins & SupplementsAnother important vitamin is vitamin E. One of its roles is to repair your body’s tissues. This makes it important to make recovery days a part of your workout plan. Vitamin B1 is also good. It is also known as thiamine which is an amino acid. Amino acids function in the body by synthesizing new muscle mass. Besides Vitamin B1 there are other amino acids out there that you can take for this purpose. Calcium is very important to keep in your diet. The purpose of calcium is to grow strong bones and to keep them strong. This will aid in the actual workout process when lifting weights. Digestive enzymes are also important because they help break down the fat which is what you are trying to get rid of in order to build new muscle.

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Proteins and amino acids are important for body building

Vitamins-For-Building-MusclesThere are a million supplements out there for body building. Make sure you always read the ingredients you don’t want to put anything harmful in your body. Optimum nutrition supplements are great. They have them for males and females and they have a variety to choose from. A lot of them have protein and amino acids which I mentioned above are important for body building. A lot of them also include muscle recovery which is very important because once the muscle recovers you then can continue working that muscle out to get it even stronger than before. Not to mention they also have supplements that are multivitamin, that way you get all your vitamins in one instead of having to take each vitamin individually.

For pre workouts you are going to want to take amino acid supplements. This will help you build muscle during your workout. You can purchase these supplements online or in stores. You are also going to want a fat burner supplement. These will help you with cravings, fat loss, increase muscle mass and help increase your metabolism.


Having the right regimen will put you on a great path for body building. Eat right, exercise and have your supplement plan and you are ready to go. Don’t forget to always drink lots of water. You have to flush the toxins out of your body which will help make your body a lean, clean fighting machine.