How to pick the right handbag : Top 5 Factors to Consider

A handbag is one of those things that you must never forget when leaving the house. Despite its importance, many women do not know what to look for when they go handbag shopping. The right handbag falters your figure and completes your favorite outfit, and that is why we will highlight factors that you must consider as you shop for one.

Handbag types

Handbag Length

When you are carrying a handbag, it is pertinent to remember that the part of the body where it lies is always accentuated. This means that small bodied women need handbags that just end around the hip area to make them look a bit curvy and feminine. On the other hand, if you have large hips then a handbag that rests around your waistline can make you look slimmer while accentuating and tapering off your waist. Generally, handbags that sit at the waist level can be used why women of different body sizes and so you need to have one in your collection.

Handbag for casual or official style?

handbag for casual or official style

What is usually your general style when you go out? Are you mostly in casual or official wear? These questions are important when looking for a handbag because a formal handbag cannot easily go with casual wear. The easiest way to know what may go with your style is taking time to go through fashion magazines to see what models with your style carry on them. Once you have identified a style, think about the color and material that could match with your outfits.

Handbag Shape

Just like the length of the handbag is determined by your height and body type, its shape is also dependent on your overall shape. As a result, you need to try and find one that compliments your body shape. For example, a rounded or slouchy handbag is ideal for women who are tall and slim. If you are short and curvy, then consider going for a handbag that has strong angles and edges. Checkout the new arrivals at ebay’s Store, I’ve found some great deals out there.

Handbag Size

Handbag size for body type

Handbags come in many different sizes. However, you should not just follow any fashion ideas blindly when it comes to size because they can turn out to be disastrous for you. When considering the size of the handbag, understand that a very small bag will not be visible if you are tall. You will also be swamped with a large bag is you are short. The best thing to do here is to try on different handbags until you find a size that matches your body size and height.

Think about Functionality

A slouch shoulder bag, clutch, and tote are all different types of handbags that you could go out with but how do you know which one to buy? Different handbags are meant for different usage, and there is usually nothing like a general purpose handbag. By asking yourself what the handbag will be used for, you can easily narrow down your options and thus settle for the right handbag.

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Once you find that handbag that suits your needs, it is crucial that you check the inside to see the different compartments that it has. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you get a handbag that you will always be proud to carry around.

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