How to organize your kitchen and Improve Lifestyle Efficiency

Here is something you don’t hear much: “I just don’t know what to do with all the storage space in my kitchen.” Have you ever heard anyone complain about having too much empty storage space in their kitchen cabinets or pantry shelves? The good news is that a failure in organizing your kitchen so that you have at least empty areas is not entirely your fault. The past couple of decades have witnessed a genuine explosion in the world of monotasking kitchen gadgets, gear and equipment. The task of organizing your kitchen today means not only finding room for a toaster and blender, but a donut maker, juicer, pretzel maker, quesadilla maker and cappuccino maker.

How to organize your kitchen

Organizing your kitchen with design and utility in mind

The ideal way to go about the famous question “How to organize your kitchen and pantry” is to view the process with maximum integration of design and utility in mind. That may entail a full-scale removal of everything on every available inch of space . Then you can set to work rearranging the contents of your cabinets and drawers in way that is more organically attuned to your own particular cooking process. For instance, your newly rearranged kitchen storage space would allow food preparation items from knives to colanders to remain within close proximity of each other. Position cookware like mixing bowls and equipment like mixers next to the storage areas reserved for flour, sugar and spices. Organizing in this way would extend to putting seasonings, stirring utensils, saucepans and deep fryers within easyreach of the stovetop while yourserving center place the least distance between you and items ranging fromglasses and silverware to condiments andbutter knives.

Organize by frequency of use

One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners make when it comes to organizing the kitchen and even the pantry for maximum efficiency is wasting some of that prime real estate on stuff you just simply don’t reach for that often. Don’t compound the waste of space by adding unnecessary effort into the mix. Move rarely used kitchen equipment – especially the heavier stuff that only gets pulled out for even meals – to any space either higher up or lower down that is currently either completely vacant or occupied by an item that gets far more use. Inconvenient storage areas in the kitchen or pantry is often used most efficiently for the kind of things you only drag out for holidays or reserved for seasonal use at best.

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Daily or occasionally ?

When it comes to the problem of how best to organize your pantry to make the best use of available space, the most effective method is usually to store food according to its degree of necessity. If you usually store all canned foods together,for example, the rule of necessity would dictate organizing those canned items you reach for on a daily basis at eye level while you store items you only eat occasionally to the rear or at the next higher level. You should also take this leveling process to your refrigerator instead of just storing food on a first-come, first-served basis.

Think about a lazy Susan to gain space

The storage space in most corner cabinets can at least be doubled by installing a lazy Susan. Those of you lucky enough to have taller than average corner cabinets can potentially quadruple the space in there by taking this step toward a more organized kitchen. It is the ability of the lazy Susan to rotate items closer toward the back while taking advantage of vertical space that often goes to waste that allows such an exponential increase. Not to mention that putting Susan in the cabinet makes locating stuff stored down there far more convenient and less taxing on your joints and muscles.

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Keep it organized to enjoy your life

The kitchen area is one of the few places in most homes where success or failure in organizing things actually does impact enjoyment of life on a daily basis. You don’t want to waste time searching for items when your time is running short enough as it is. A well-organized kitchen increases efficiency of the entire meal process from prepping to eating. Get a place for everything and everything truly will have its place.

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