How to dress for a First Date – For Men

There are many different elements of a date that can make it enjoyable and a success. First dates are particularly important and what you wear can make a significant difference to the impact you make. Here are some tips for how to dress on a first date.

Create a Good Impression in your first date


First impressions count when it comes to a first date and what you are wearing will contribute to the overall impression you give. The most important thing is to look clean and tidy. A woman wants to know that you have made an effort for her as she will probably have made the effort for you. A man turning up on a date looking scruffy and unclean is off-putting for the majority of women. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and generally give a good representation of you.

Just Be Yourself

How to dress for a First DateHow to dress for a First DateAlthough you should make an effort, it is also important to be yourself. You do not need to deviate too much away from your usual style. If you do, you will most likely feel uncomfortable on the date. Furthermore, you will give your date the impression that you are someone you are not. It is important that your clothes reflect your personality and give your date the right impression about who you are from the start.

Don’t forget to take care of your shoes, if you mess on this part you will loose all the effort you made to look handsome. Get a pair of shoes that will fit your kind of clothing from

Consider the Venue and Weather of your first date

first date dressWhat you choose to wear should also reflect the type of date you are going on. Clearly, if you are going on a date to the skating rink or the movie theater, then you will want to dress in a casual manner. If you are going to a high-class restaurant, then you will want to wear attire appropriate to that particular restaurant, especially if the establishment has a dress code. Similarly, the weather should also dictate what you wear to a certain extent. Turning up in a T-shirt on a cold winter’s night or a cashmere sweater on a hot summer’s day will make you look ridiculous and leave you uncomfortable throughout the date.

Show her your best features

Everyone has parts of their body they like and others that they dislike. When you are trying to create a good impression on a first date, you will want to hide the weaker areas of your body and show off your best bits. Try on different items of clothing to see what shows you at your best. It can help to get an honest and critical opinion from a trusted friend who can tell you whether you look good or not.
Your first date can make the difference of whether you get a second date or not, so choosing the right clothes is essential.

what to wear in first date

The most important things to remember are to be clean and tidy, be yourself, wear clothes appropriate to the venue and weather and to choose clothing that shows off your best features. Provided you follow these simple steps, you should find the best clothes to suit the occasion and give the right impression.