How To Dress For A First Date – For Woman

Last time we talked about Men’s Dressing tips for a First Date that you can read here if you are a Man. If not keep reading to Impress your future boyfriend!

The first date may be one of the most difficult occasions for a woman to dress. You don’t really know your date that well and you may not be exactly sure where you’re going. You want to look great but don’t want to over do it. There are many obvious ways you shouldn’t dress, but when deciding what to wear, you should be yourself. You need to express your personality through your clothing style yet make it a little more exciting than your everyday look. The most important thing to remember when dressing for a first date is that you need to feel comfortable, look good and be completely confident.

Clothing for your first date

clothing-to-wear-on-first-dateYou don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a new outfit for your date. You can take the basics and add a bit to make you look and feel like yourself yet show that you’ve made an effort. A touch of color or good accessorizing can make a simple outfit look good while not looking overdone. A colorful scarf, interesting purse or a statement jewelry piece will make jeans and a tee shirt or a little black dress unique and tasteful.

For the first or any date it’s important not to over or under dress. If you’re going out for lunch or a cup of coffee you won’t want to wear a dress and heels. For casual dates you can wear casual clothing and look great as long as the clothes fit well and your ensemble looks put together. Jeans, a tee shirt with a denim jacket or cardigan, for example, will feel comfortable yet look like you made an effort. If your date is taking you to a nice restaurant for dinner you will want to wear something more dressy. However, it doesn’t have to be overdone. A simple dress with some fun accessory will help you feel unique yet not overdone. Checkout the new arrivals at Macy’s Store, I’ve found some great deals out there 😉

dresses to wear for A First Date

Whatever you decide to wear you should not dress too provocatively for your date. If you want to show off a bit of your figure, do so sparingly. Don’t mix a low cut top with a short skirt. Choose one or the other that may show off your best assets and wear it with something more conservative.

Hair, Make-Up for your first date

How To Make up For A First DateJust as with your clothing you want to let your boyfriend see the real you and not a look you created for the date. Keeping your hair in the style you regularly make, and using makeup that isn’t foreign to you will help you look and feel like yourself. Because you’re going out it is perfectly acceptable to add a bit more to your hairstyle and makeup than if you were sitting at home lounging on the couch, but too much and your boyfriend may not recognize you on date number 3. Fragrance should be kept spare as well. Too much perfume or body spray probably won’t be attractive to your date.

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What kind of shoes to wear for your first date

What Shoes to wear For A First DateFinally, your shoes are an important part of your outfit and vital to how comfortable and how confident you feel on your first date. When deciding how to dress for a first date it’s easy to get tempted to create a dramatic, sexy look. If you don’t wear heels regularly, however, you don’t want to wear them on a first date. The last thing you want to do is feel uncomfortable when walking. Even if they look really great you won’t feel confident if you are worried about tripping. Comfortable shoes from G.H.Bass can look good and feel good. Shoes with a lower heal or a wider heel can dress up an outfit without causing fear. You can walk confidently and feel self-assured. I recommend some nice looking shoes that I have found here on Payless Shoes for good prices and different styles. If you don’t find what you like, you will definitely find your style at they have some big discounts this days.

When deciding how to dress for a first date a woman has to consider, not only her physical appearance, but her personality. You want to present yourself as the person you are while you show up looking poised and at ease. Dressing for a first date is scary yet fun. With a little bit of thought you can create a look that feels comfortable and expresses confidence.