How to Choose Your Prom Dress in 2015

The prom is one of the most exciting and special days in a girl’s life. The planning leading up to the event is almost as exciting as the prom itself. For girls, an important element of the evening is the dress that they wear. Every girl is different and their choice of dress should reflect their personalities, make the most of their body shape and be in a color that suits their own natural coloring. Here are some tips on how to choose your prom dress.

The right prom for your body type

prom-dress-typesNot every style of prom dress suits every body type. Therefore, you must look at your body shape and choose the best prom dress for your body type accordingly. For example, girl’s with a curvy figure should choose a dress that is nipped in at the waist and accentuates their bosom. Those with an athletic figure should choose prom dresses that create curves they don’t have and petite girls should avoid overly large skirts as this will drown them. If you are not sure about what suits your body shape, then try on several different styles of dresses to find out which you look best in. It can be helpful to take someone along to offer honest and critical advice.

Choose the right color for your prom dress

prom-dress-colorsOne of the most notable aspects of a prom dress is the color. There is also a limitless choice in terms of color with prom dresses available in every possible shade. One element that may affect your choice of color is the natural coloring of your hair and skin. Some colors will simply not suit youwhile others will instantly make you glow and look your best. Similarly, your eye color could be another influential factor in your choice for similar reasons. A final point to consider when choosing acolor is whether you are wanting a dress in just one color, a two-tone dress or one with several colors.

Your prom dress can reflect your style


To some extent, your choice of prom dress should be a reflection of your personality and your general fashion style. There are styles of prom dress to suit many different styles, whether you usually dress cool, are very feminine, wear sexy clothes or are a rock chick. You are likely to be drawn to dresses that will reflect your personality and individual tastes.

Decide about your budget for the prom dress

budgetCost can also be another important factor in choosing a dress as everyone’s budget is different. You will find that there is a wide range of prom dresses available to suit a range of budgets. You should also consider the differing costs of buying a prom dress from a store, purchasing something online or having a dress tailor-made to meet your exact specifications. It is worth spending time making a direct comparison of each of these options.

By following these tips on how to choose your prom dress, you will soon find the best prom dress for your body type, style, coloring and budget. You can also find some nice looking prom dress at and Nordstrom online store, or you can also try to find it for less at Nordstrom RACK

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