E-cigarette : Things to consider before you choose one

The electronic cigarette business is thriving and as it grows, so do the choices available to customers. Below are things to consider when looking for an e cigarette when you decide to stop smoking and get healthy.

E-cigarette design,functionality and size

Electronic-Cigarette-DesignTake into account design of product. Not only does this include overall look and feel of an e cigarette, but also functionality and size. Three options to consider is mini cig which is mostly used by beginners. Minis are small, easy to use and light weight but limited in terms of performance and battery life. For serious users, mid-sized models are ideal. They are slightly larger than a mini and they last longer and produce more vapor. Advanced personal vaporizers are the ultimate vaping device. They are larger and more complicated than mini or mid-sized ones.

E-cigarette vapor quality

Another vital thing to consider is performance. Three areas to be concerned with is vapor productions. This is the amount of vapor which is produced by taking a drag. Good vapor production leads to a more realistic experience. Throat hit is burning sensation that you feel on the back of your throat. A harder hit will closely replicates a real cigarette. Battery life is essential for a lot of users and mainly those who are heavy smokers.

Choose a well known brand for your electric cigarette

e-cigarette-brandsConsider quality of the product. There are a lot of factors that affect quality. First thing to consider is brand or reputation of the supplier. By doing a research online, you will get an idea of what to expect from a particular company. Take a look at warranty and do not forget to read the fine print. There are firms that offer a lifetime warranty but thirty days should be minimum. Know how warranty works and what you should expect before you buy.

E-cigarette accessories

Evaluate different options, accessories and flavors that are available. If you are not pleased with a flavor or a standard battery will not do, having an alternative will ensure that you get an ideal product. Also consider a cig that uses e liquid or interchangeable cartridges.

Opt for a high quality e-cigarette

Cost is a significant thing to consider but it is the last thing to take into account when choosing the best e cigarette. Despite the fact that cutting back on funds is important, you will always get what you pay for. Price differs when it comes to starter kits but it is to your advantage to opt for a high quality e cigarette versus a cheap one that will not last. You should also consider long term cost that is associated with e cigarette. Compared to a traditional cigarette, savings can be substantial but you can cut down your costs even more by getting cartridges in large volume or by refilling tanks with liquid.

As seen above, those are factors to take into account when selecting an e cigarette. By taking in consideration all those tips you will be able to choose your e-cigarette wisely.