How To Book Your Hotel Room At The Best Deal

Hotel rooms make up a big part of your expense when traveling. Whether on business or a family vacation, paying hotel fees can take a big chunk out of your wallet. Interesting to know is that the two identical hotel rooms can have entirely different prices. There are many things to keep in mind when deciding how to book your hotel room at the best deal.

Internet research for hotel deals

last-minute-hotel-dealsMost people check the Internet to find the best rates when traveling and book their hotel rooms that way.Web sites such as Kayak, Trivago,, Quikbook, Priceline and Bidding For Travel offer searches of multiple hotels and will provide those with the lowest rates on the dates that you want to travel. Many major sites will compare several hotels at one time making your search for the best rate quicker and easier.

Direct contact with the hotel

You can book your room directly through the hotel site and may find special discounts offered. However, calling the hotel will more likely help you get a discount. Sometimes hotels will negotiate with you on a room rate. Sometimes the hotel will inform you of unadvertised special rates that are not listed on the website. Deal Engine is a website that will assure you that the rate you find is an actual bargain.

Members only clubs

Many members only clubs offer travel discounts. These lower rates are not available to the general public. Auto associations, senior citizen groups, entertainment cards and business, government or military service can offer travelers a discounted hotel room rate. Associations including Vacationist and Hotel Engine are free to join and can help you locate reduced rates easily.

Flexibility can save you more

flexible-hotel-dealsIf you are willing to rearrange your trip dates you may be able to find a better hotel rate for different days of the week or another week entirely. Consider the location of the hotel. If you are traveling to a large city it may be more economical to stay in a hotel located in a suburb. It may be much less expensive. If you are willing to stay at a motel or an inn they generally cost less than rooms at a major hotel or hotel chain. Consider staying a bit longer than planned and you may find an overall reduction in the rate you’ll pay for your room.

Other things to consider for hotel deals

Even if a hotel rate is higher than you’d like there may be reasons to book that particular hotel. If the hotel offers free amenities it may turn out to be a better deal than less expensive hotels. For example, free or continental breakfast can save you the cost of a day’s meal. Free Wi-Fi may appeal to you. Many hotels have swimming pools and gyms that are free for guests to use. If you and your family can benefit from the use of those facilities it may be worth a bit extra money.

All travelers look for the lowest rates to pay on their journeys. A little research can help you find the best deals when traveling. From internet searches to phone calls you will be able to find the best rates for your hotel room. If you travel frequently and are willing to be a little flexible, you will find many opportunities to pay less for your room. Whatever you decide, take some time to look into different rates and different dates as well as different locations when considering what the best deal for your hotel stay will be.