How To Book A Cheap Flight

Airline prices go up and down all of the time. With added airline fees for services, baggage check, food and more, many need to find the lowest price possible when traveling. It pays to find ways to book affordable flights. There are many ways to find low airfares.

The best Timing to book your flight

best Timing to book your flightMuch research has been done to find the best time to order an airline ticket and when to fly cheap. Analysis of ticket rates has revealed some interesting facts that can help you save money on airfare. When travelling internationally, booking a flight 3 to 5 months in advance tends to offer better prices. For domestic flights, 5 to 6 weeks before your intended departure tends to be the best time to grab a low fare. Another factor to consider is the day and time you purchase the ticket. Most airlines release sale prices on Monday night and ticket prices increase by the weekend. Researches have found that the best time to buy a ticket is on a Tuesday morning.

Search for flight deals

compare flight dealsThe internet is filled with sites that will find the best airfare for you. Depending on how much you want to do your own research, there are several options. Sites like Orbitz and Expedia will give you ticket prices by the airline you choose. Kayak will search multiple airlines for you. FareCompare will find domestic flights that have more open seats so that you will have a better chance of getting a low fare. If you travel frequently or are willing to pay an extra $29, Flight Fox has experts that will find the best fare for you for a fee. If you don’t mind spending time doing your own research, the internet can provide you with information to find the lowest fare.

Be Flexible in your schedule

calendar-deadlineIf you are willing to be flexible with your flight schedule, you can often get a lower fare with a little bit of inconvenience. Adjusting your date and time of departure and return can yield more opportunities to find a cheaper ticket. Consider purchasing 2 one-way tickets from 2 different airlines if that is less expensive than a 1-way ticket. A layover can also save money. Red Eye flights have limited routes, and despite the inconvenience of flying overnight, the fares are cheap.Consider offering to be on a standby flight.

Most airlines overbook their flights and you can get a discounted ticket if you offer to wait for another flight. Consider flying on a smaller airline. They may not be as convenient but often offer much cheaper flights than the big airlines. Finally, consider departing and flying into alternative airports. An airport that is 50 – 100 miles from your departure or destination may offer cheaper flights and it is not that much of an inconvenience to drive a bit further.

As the holidays approach and plans for spring break and summer vacation begin to be considered, finding a cheap airplane ticket is a big advantage. Just knowing that airlines change their fares all of the time is inspiring. Do your research and be willing to adjust your travel schedule and you can find an airfare that will save you a lot of money.

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