Grocery shopping on a budget – Money Saving Tips

Ever stop to think about how much money you will have figuratively flushed down the toilet over the course of your life by buying groceries that never get eaten? Maybe you waited too long and the groceries spoiled. Or maybe you actually did get around to cooking them, but not everything actually got eaten. Is there any way to really figure out just how much money you could have saved or spent on items of greater lasting power by not having bought groceries that go to waste? Probably not. Even if if there is, you probably don’t really want to know. What you definitely do want to know are the following money saving tips for grocery shopping.

Shopping Cart Vs Hand Baskets

grocery-budget-basketGrocery shopping on a budget starts by looking at the entire experience of heading into a supermarket from a completely different perspective. Like, for instance, what if grocery stores started charging you a rental fee to use those shopping carts? Sound insane? Well, think again, because every time you use a shopping cart to buy groceries, you are effectively paying a rental fee in the form of adding things you would never buy if you had to carry them. Try using hand baskets rather than shopping carts every time you go to the grocery store for a month. You probably think such a money saving tip will backfire before it will only mean more grocery shopping trips than usual. Maybe at first, but very quickly you will realize you have more money at the end of the month than normal and nobody in the house seems to be going hungry.

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End of the Aisle

supermarket-aisleAny item that is being put on display at either end of the aisle is there merely for the purpose of temptation. Often to tempt you down an aisle that will not even feature those display products. Not only is paying attention to end of aisle displays likely to send you down an aisle from which you actually need very little, but the price of those display items may also be jacked up.

Side by Side Items

If you are planning on eating healthy by buying vegetables, do not by the salad dressing place conveniently next to the salad and tomatoes. They cost more than the very same product you will find in the salad dressing section located away from produce. The same goes for any other product that is not in its regular section.

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Convenience Grocery Budget Tips

Grocery-Budget-TipsYou have doubtlessly heard that you should never go grocery shopping at the convenience store across the street when the supermarket is just around the corner. It is true that trying to get the bulk of your groceries from a gas station is a bank account killer, but when it comes to certain very specific items, you can save a lot. Bread and dairy products are not always going to be both cheaper and more convenient away from the grocery store…but in most cases they will. That’s because convenience stores need to entice you inside to buy the more expensive items and a great way of doing that is offer daily staples on the cheap.

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A lot more money than you probably imagine gets sucked away from your potential future savings with every trip to the supermarket. Intentional grocery shopping on a budget can be hard because designers make it so easy for you slide or leap right over those constraints. What you may not realize is that you are already grocery shopping on a budget without intending to because you don’t have as much money to spend as you would if you just implemented a few common sense money saving tips every time you head to the store to buy food for the week.