Etsy Top 10 shops for handmade vintage in 2015 is a commerce site that promotes the selling and buying of handmade items. In this place, you can be sure that the items are unique and each stands out in the market. The products range from anything handmade, vintage, pieces of fine art as well as supplies. This is the number one site that enables individuals take on a creative mind, make the best of creativity, and make money from it. In addition, individuals are able to obtain what makes them happy by buying the handmade or vintage items.

If you are looking for something unique or customized, is the place to shop. Alternatively, if you have a creative mind that creates art, this is the site to show case your work and make the best of your talent. This is what makes unique. It links you to the best of unique products in the market. It is not just about linking already existing brands but also about obtaining the best and unique. Anything you need from handmade vintage, you got it at Etsy shops.

Top 10 Etsy Stores

Due to the diversity offered by, there are a number of stores that are categorized to provide specific goods. You may decide to narrow down your search by shopping through the stores. It is easier and faster so you can get exactly what it is you are looking for. The following are some stores that have gained popularity in what they have to offer.

This store is making great sales with the making of headbands. It is amazing that out of the thousands of stores on, this would be the most popular and one of the stores that are making great sales. This is what creativity has. While it may seem that they are just selling headbands, they are unique and they will stand out anywhere.


This is one of the top Etsy sellers and is a jewelry supplier. Just like with a number of jewelry suppliers, this target market seems to be promising.


This store looks into vinyl graphics printing and you can be sure to find what you are looking to find. The category is diverse and you need to look at the children art works to understand what art is all about.

This is a clothing and textile store that I specific on selling clothing with the trend where the main theme is that of cats. They love cats and so do others making this there target market.


Shareliving is a custom jewelry supplier on that has an eye for beautification and is working its way towards success.


Zen Threads is making its way to the top with the art of making t-shirts with animal prints on them. If you are an animal print lover and love t-shirts, this is your store.


This store looks at supplying jewelry within the USA. With this target market, jewelry hunting is now easier, faster while at the same time promoting convenience.


If you are looking for decorative pillows to make part of your home, you are more than welcome to use this store. They account for great sales from


This store boosts the sales of pictures of images that are printed on book pages. They definitely have an eye for art and understand their target market.

This store supplies quite a number of products ranging from hair accessories, rompers to leg warmers. This diversity is placing it as a preference store as it targets the wider target market. From headbands to baby clothing, you name it and this store will supply it. is home to a variety of products and services, the best things you can buy on Etsy are as identified, and the sales record proves it right. is your site to promote creativity and acts as a platform for selling and buying of products and services.