Clothing tips for guys

Fashion has changed over the years not only for women but for men, as well, and it is still changing. Every decade seems to offer some new fashion trend or the “new, hot look” for the season. It can be a daunting task for a man to try and keep up with the pace when he sees nothing wrong in still wearing his perfectly good team jersey or those comfortable pair of brown loafers that are ready to come apart at the seams. Below are some general clothing tips for guys to remember when still wanting to look good, but not wanting to become a slave to fashion.

Clothes that fit your body

clothes-fitFirst and foremost, men should remember clothes can be – and should be – comfortable. Men should not have to walk around with a collar that is too tight that they always have to tug at in order to breathe. That being said, clothes should also not be ten sizes too big. You should not look like your drowning in your clothes. You should also not walk around having to pull your pants up every five seconds. Clothes should actually fit. And, as with women, men should look for clothes that flatter their best features or hide their not-so-best features. Don’t forget to take care of your shoes, if you mess on this part you will loose all the effort you made to look handsome. Get a pair of shoes that will fit your kind of clothing from Payless Shoes at

Clothes that do not reveal your age

old-style-clothes-menClothes should also not reveal your age. If you are a man who is still wearing open shirts to reveal a hairy chest and a lot of flashy gold chains…STOP! The ‘70’s are over. Step away from that polyester suit. You should also not dress like one of the old Bowery Boys from the 1930’s with backward hats and baggy, cut-off jeans. Either dress will reveal just how old you are. Clothes should be age appropriate and keep people guessing just how old you really are.

Clothes Quality vs. Quantity

I believe both men and women make the common mistake of having too many clothes; Clothes that are outdated; Clothes that only go with certain other pieces; Clothes that should be worn only during certain times of the year. Like with everything else, people think more represents affluence, but it doesn’t. Men – as well as women – should focus more on quality rather than quantity. People should have those few quality items that can go with everything in their wardrobe. When you do, you will be amazed with how you can mix and match and find you have a number of outfits you can wear just from those few pieces. It is also important to keep your clothes clean and no wrinkles so it doesn’t look like you slept in your clothes. A touch of color is also great, but don’t overdo it, so that pink suit is out!

Be true to yourself and keep comfortable

Lastly, I would say the most important thing to remember when buying clothes is simply this: be true to yourself. What looks good on your friend may not look good on you, so think before you buy. Don’t follow trends. Try things on and, if you think it looks good on you and it feels comfortable, I would say you can’t go wrong, specially if it was picked from Matalan store. They have nice looking and modern clothing for all sizes. Go and take a look here for new arrivals section.

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