Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your wife or girlfriend is perhaps one of the most difficult things the holidays bring. Most women are perfectly content shopping for themselves. They know what they want. However, every girl loves to receive a special gift from her loved one. Don’t worry, chances are she is having just as difficult time choosing a gift for you. Following are some gift ideas to guide you as you search for the best gift for her.

Perfume and Jewelry Gifts for Her

perfume-gifts-for-herThe classic gift of perfume or jewelry still works for most ladies. If you know the scent that she wears, it is easy to pick up a spray, bottle or lotion that she likes and will appreciate. If you opt for jewelry, it may be a bit more difficult. Of course expensive jewelry with her favorite gems will be much appreciated, but there are many more choices for jewelry that are less costly. A classic watch can be worn day or night. Earrings are always a welcome gift. Necklaces and bracelets can be the perfect gift if it is in the style that she normally wears.

Clothing and Accessories

Fashion-accessories-gifts-for-herLike perfume and jewelry, clothing and accessories are welcome gifts for most women. With clothing, however, the size may be tricky. Unless you are absolutely sure of the size and know that it is something your lady will adore wearing, you may wish to focus more on accessories. Boots are always popular and this season’s boots are great. Accessories such as scarves, gloves, a robe or slippers are always in style. Other accessories such as sunglasses, a purse, wallet or iphone case can make the perfect gift.

Relaxation and Spa Gifts for Her

spa-gifts-for-herIf your lady needs some relaxation because of all of the work she does, you can opt for a spa day or even a basket filled with spa accessories. She will certainly appreciate spending some time in the spa, perhaps with a friend, indulging in a much needed massage, facial or mani-pedi. A basket full of spa accessories such as a loofa, lotions, creams and bubble bath will inspire her to take a break and relax in her own bathtub. She’ll love the thought that went into it.

Fitness Gifts for Her


For the athlete in your life, there are many gift ideas to guide you. A glass water bottle like the ones the celebrities are seen carrying is one idea. She’ll appreciate an extra long yoga mat. A wireless fit band or other device is something she may want.

Other Gifts

Depending on your lady’s personality and interests, you are sure to find the perfect gift for her. If she is an avid reader, she may want a new e-reader or some of the latest books. If she likes to drink wine with her girlfriends, there are wine clubs and samplers that can be delivered right to her door. A flower of the month club will brighten her mood when she receives a different bouquet each month.

It should not be too difficult to find the perfect Christmas gift for her if you know the woman in your life well. Consider her interests and perhaps something that you know she’d like but would be hesitant to buy for herself. Try to be a bit imaginative and choose something personal. That is the best advice to guide you as you choose the perfect Christmas gift for her.