What To Look For When Choosing A Winter Coat

When choosing a winter coat, there are a lot of considerations you should take into account. You should decide what type of coat or coats you need. Do you need a parka to keep you warm in frigid temperatures? Do you need a waterproof coat to keep you dry in snow or rain? Are you looking for a dress coat you can wear to work on a daily basis? Are you looking for something stylish or fun for the weekends? Once you decide what type of coat you’ll need this winter, you can consider the style that will work best for you. Following are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a winter coat this year.

A coat to keep you warm

warm coatIf you need a coat to keep you warm all winter or for outdoor activities, you should consider a waterproof, down filled parka. Insulation comes in many forms. Natural feathers are lightweight and trap warm air to keep you warm. The soft plumes from geese and ducks are a natural insulator. Coats filled with down provide buoyancy and insulation. Coats made with synthetic material closely resemble down filled coats but may be a bit less expensive. If you are ski, hike or regularly enjoy outdoor activities in the winter, you definitely need to consider a coat that is lightweight and will keep you warm and dry.

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Winter coat for outdoor activities

Another thing to consider when choosing a winter coat for outdoor activity is the coverage of the coat. Do zippers and snaps go all the way up to the neck? Does the coat have a hood that can be loosened to accommodate a winter hat or tightened for a snug fit over the ears? If you plan to spend time in the outdoors this winter, consider a quality parka that will protect you from the elements.

Parkas aren’t just for outdoor sportsmen. They can be stylish and worn every day. Many parkas sold today will keep you both warm and looking stylish. Some great parkas that are down filled and lightweight come in a variety of lengths, have utilitarian pockets and may have details such as fur trim.

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A coat that can be worn for work or play

Stylish coats for work and/or play can be just as warm and comfortable as down filled parka. When deciding on a coat to wear daily, consider opting for a neutral color that you can wear with anything and add accessories such as scarves and gloves to dress up. Neutral colors are timeless and classic. You can also opt for a statement coat. Coates in checks, plaid, animal prints and even bright colors can be worn daily. People will notice you and you’re sure to receive a lot of compliments.

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The material of your winter coat is important if you need to stay warm on your commute to the store, when running errands or going out on the town. Wool and tweed will help insulate. Waterproof or insulated puffer coats can be stylish and keep your dry.

Soft and luxurious coat for special events

fur coat fashionConsider embellishments in your daily winter coat. Fox fur trim or even an all over fur coat will be warm, soft and luxurious. Also consider the length of your coat. A coat that enhances your best features will look great. Knee and thigh length coats generally work well on any height and body shape. Pear shaped bodies are enhanced with detail at the top of the coat and a wide collar. A line coats that flare at the hemline will make an apple shaped figure look glamorous. A small, belted waist works well on an hourglass figure. Finally, for those who have a minimal waste coats that flare at the bottom and have detail on the top will help enhance your best features.

Choosing a winter coat that keeps you warm, dry, comfortable and stylish is a big decision as the cold weather approaches. Deciding on a utilitarian style or a fashion statement is necessary but if you live in an area where the winters are long, you can easily find both to meet your needs. Style and comfort can be found in many coats that are available this year.