Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted 2015 Review and Bonuses

After the outstanding success from members of the Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted (2014 Session), more and more people are talking about it this year and asking to join the same coaching and bloging program that was the main reason behind the success stories of Rachel Macdonald Students.

Today, the doors to the 2015 session of Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted e-course will be open again for a limited time, and limited seats. Even so, I won’t tell you to hurry-up and buy your ticket to the course today! I want you to take your time, read my review about it, and then decide if it’s for you or not.

Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course is not for every one!

I know that you are so much excited about the new Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course, specially after reading all the positive encouraging testimonials and reviews from past students and bloggers of 2014 session. Don’t be scared, I won’t say they are lying to you, of course they are telling you the truth about how wonderful it is, but are they telling you all the truth or simply the nice part, and the things you will enjoy to hear. Don’t worry, I will talk about the hard things that no one else is willing to tell you in fear of loosing the opportunity to make commissions from referring you to the course.

But first, let me ask you some questions: Do you know exactly what the course is about? Do you know what you will get after signing up? Do you know what kind of work is awaiting you to accomplish if you want to achieve the claimed success? Do you know how much time you will need to learn and apply the info from the course? Do you know how much money you will have to invest to achieve the claimed success?

These are the kind of questions that only get answered after buying the product and testing it. I’m sure no one else has the courage to get deeper and tell you about all of this info! And that’s why I will be Happy to make every thing clear to you and help you decide if the Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course is right for you. Lets start with the first question.

Do you know exactly what the course is about?

Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course is a digital course about creating, developing and promoting an online business as a Personal Blog where you express your self, share your passion, and help people resolve your niche problems, while building your brand and your audience, to achieve spiritual and financial freedom.

The course content is in the form of 6 content modules  and 2 action modules, it will be split over a period of eight weeks.

Do you know what you will get after signing up?

After buying the course you will sign up to the exclusive members section of Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course. The course will start the 1st june, 2015. Every Monday, you will be emailed a link to one module. Each module is filled with high quality content in the form of PDF workbooks and worksheets, Audios and screencast video tutorials, and checklists to keep you organized while following the course modules.

You will also a get access to Rachel Macdonald private Facebook group where you will be surrounded by experienced members of the past year course session. Once you get connected to this Exclusive private group, you will be able to ask for members feedback on your plan, share your progress, and build amazing relationships that will certainly take your business to the next level.

Do you know what kind of work is awaiting you to succeed?

First, you will have to be concentrated while reading the course modules in order to understand the online business strategies that you will need to learn and develop. You should follow all the modules and don’t skip any one.

After going through the course and understanding all the 8 modules you will be graduated, and you will have to take action and apply what you learned step by step.

You will have to choose a niche you are passionate about, setup your brand theme (Marketing skills), setup your blog (Technical skills), customize it to have a unique design that fit your brand (Technical skills), Setup your online presence, setup your communication strategy (Marketing and Technical skills), keep helping your audience.

Do you know how much time you will need to learn and apply the info from the course?

As stated before, the course will take you 8 weeks to fully understand and get a clear picture in your mind about your online business plan. So it’s gonna be two months – June and July – for learning and applying some initial steps like choosing a niche, and setup a blog.

After Brand and Blog setup, you will start blogging about your passion and developing your audience for the rest of your Blog life as long as you are engaged with your readers.

If you follow the steps and strategies you learned from Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted course without shortcuts and without getting stuck with steps that needs Technical skills, you will start to see signs of success after your second or third month of launching your blog.

If you are not an Internet geek, or you don’t have the Technical skills to complete the fundamental steps to launching your blog, you shouldn’t get stuck at learning how to setup your blog, how to design your theme, or any technical thing that will eat hours and days of your time just to learn it and figure out how to do it yourself. The best thing recommended by the course is to outsource it to the specialists.

Do you know how much money you will have to invest to achieve the claimed success?

Outsourcing the technical back-end skills is certainly a headache free solution that will save you a lot of time, and let you concentrated on the things that you are comfortable with, such as writing your blog hearted words, and communicating with your readers.

The only hard thing about outsourcing, is that it will cost you big money to get quality job that will give authority to your online Brand. Beside outsourcing cost there will be some affordable expenses such as a domain name and hosting

The expected expenses for starting your blog :

  • Domain name : about $10
  • Good Hosting space : about $60 /year
  • Outsourcing Blog Setup and Design : from $100 to $500 or more

As you see the only big cost that could stop you from enjoying your time in doing what you are comfortable in, is outsourcing. But trust me on this please, if you do it your self it will take you a lot of time and make you some hard headache. I know that you are telling me now that you don’t want to risk more money in outsourcing, and that you have no choice but to do it yourself even if it will take your time and prevent you from progressing rapidly in achieving success.

Don’t worry about this, here come my bonus to save you time and money.

My bonuses to save you time and money

Now after reading my honest review about “Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted” course, you know exactly what it is about, what you will get, and what is expected from you to succeed.

If you think my review was helpful for you to make your final decision about joining the program, you can thank me by joining through my link at

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