Best Upgrades For Your Road Bike

If you have a well-loved road bike that you can’t afford to replace, you may benefit from looking for some road bike upgrades. There are lots of improvements that you can make to your road bike to make it faster, more comfortable to ride and just generally have better appearance. This article looks at some suggestions for best upgrades for your road bike.

Upgrade your Road Bike Pedals

Replace your standard pedals with cutting edge clipless pedals. These enable you to attach your shoes directly onto the pedals for faster speed and higher performance. It also allows for a much more comfortable ride.

Upgrade your Road Bike Tires for high performance

If you are looking to upgrade your cycling performance, try improving the quality of your tires. There are options to suit all budgets, but make sure that you choose one that is flexible with a supple casing which copes better than standard tires with changes in road surface texture. Choose a tire that uses different types of rubber compound on each surface for maximum performance. The sides should be a softer rubber than the center which should be harder to lower the rolling resistance.

Road bike Brakes upgrades for safety and control

The best upgrade for your brakes is to invest in disk brakes for your road bike. They have been popular on mountain bikes for a long time and are now starting to cross over into the road bike market. Using disk brakes greatly improves your stopping ability and makes your bike much safer to use in wet weather.

Can wheels reduce your road bike weight?

A wheel upgrade is a surefire way to improve your cycling performance. Reducing your bike’s weight is the best way to move faster so choose lightweight carbon rimmed wheels that have an excellent aerodynamic profile.

Groupset – a Big factor

If you have been riding your road bike for a long time, it is likely that your groupset is long overdue an upgrade. Although it is not a cheap component to replace, the improvement in performance that you will receive is well worth the extra cash. If your bike frame allows for it, an electronic shifting groupset is the perfect choice. You will find your bike is much easier to maintain and it makes changing gears a breeze which makes cycling infinitely more enjoyable. Alternatively, if your bike is not compatible with electronic shifting, opt instead for a high end 11 speed mechanical groupset for improved performance.

Handlebars for more comfort

Replace your handlebars with lightweight carbon ones. This will lighten your load and improve your speed dramatically while reducing road vibrations. You could choose to invest in a compact bar which makes reaching the brake levers much easier, ideal for those with small hands.

A long road need a comfortable Saddle

Replacing your saddle with a lightweight one is a great way of reducing your weight load and making your ride faster. Avoid saddles with lots of padding and test it out before you buy to ensure that you find it comfortable.


Upgrading your road bike is a great way to prolong the life of your cycle and a great way to save money over buying a new one. Ready for some effective upgrades? – Go to the Number 1 Specialist at and pimp your bike!