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Benefits of learning music for your brain and body

Music is exciting naturally; humans have had a connection to rhythm or music naturally from ancient history till today in the modern world. Nevertheless, today when people hear anything concerning music, they just think fame. No one ever stops to think of how music affects our brain or how it affects the person making the music. As a result of this, many people who want to learn how to play an instrument only want to do it because of the fame and the money they will get. My hope is that by the end of this article I will have persuaded you to learn how to play an instrument not for fame or money, but for your own benefit.

Benefits of learning music

Brain-Training-musicResearch has shown that listening to music and playing an instrument is mental work out. It is healthy for your brain and will see your productivity rise to levels you never thought of.

Listening to music engages many parts of your brain. When you listen to music, you get to interpret the words in the song, the emotion carried in the song and the melody as well. When you sing along, another part of your brain is engaged.

Music engage your brain amazingly


music-and-memoryWhen you start dancing and expressing the message, you get from the song, you engage you brain even more. This means that just by listening to music, you engage more than 80% of your brain. This is an equivalent of working out. Now, the person playing the music uses even more parts of his brain since he has to recall the melody read the music score and play the instrument.

Since the brain engages the visual, auditory and motor parts of the brain, structured practice can enhance the music player’s brain activity. Look at it this way; the person playing music has to remember how to play the instrument, how to read music and the tune’s he has learnt. He also has to use the knowledge previously acquired to make new songs.

Music will improve your brain activity

music-brain-activityIn addition, during performance, the musician has to translate not only the symbols on the music score but also the meaning of the entire song and display the appropriate emotion. Therefore, when a musician practices playing an instrument regularly, apart from his skills improving, even his brain activity improves… tremendously.

The improvement in brain activity can be transferred to other aspects of life. For instance, since the musician’s memory part of the brain is regularly exercised, he can easily memories things he has read. If he were to cram an entire page from a text book, he will be able to do it with ease.

Therefore, apart from fame and glamour, playing an instrument benefits your brain greatly. You get to use a bigger part or your brain thus allowing you to maximize your productivity in other aspects of your life.