benefits-of-foreign languages

Benefits of learning a foreign language

Being able to speak another language has more advantages than you may think, although quite few people actually have this skill, many are put off as they feel it may be too difficult or don’t see a good reason to learn. However many people that have taken the time to become fluent in another language feel it was time well spent and that they have gained a valuable life skill.

Six Good Reasons To Learn A New Language.


1. Imagine being able to go into a local restaurant or speciality store and being able to converse with the staff in their own language, not only will they really appreciate you and give you good service, you will really be able to impress your friends and family!

2. Going on holiday can be a far better experience if you can converse with the locals, not only will you be able to understand essential things like directions and menus you will be able to get a far better insight into the culture and customs of the place you are visiting.

3. A lot of languages are spoken in more than one country giving you far greater flexibility when choosing books, films and other media.

4. Being able to speak a new language could help you make friends within your own community that are from other places, this can be a really rewarding and insightful experience, bringing knowledge and benefits to both sides.

5. It could increase your earning power, there are plenty of translating posts and other jobs that require you to speak at least one other language, the wages are generally good within these areas due to the specialist skills involved.

6. new-language-benefitsBeing able to speak the language will mean you are a lot more likely to get work in another country, whether working within your chosen carer, or drawing on your ability to speak more than one language, which is ideal for anyone wishing to broaden their horizons and travel for a while or completely try life abroad.

If you are interested in learning how to speak another language there are a number of ways you can go about it, different methods work better for different people.

Some of the most popular methods include;

Doing a skills swap – People will advertise to teach their native language in exchange for conversation to improve their English skills.

Attending a course – There are normally courses running within local communities offering the opportunity to learn a new language, although some people prefer private tuition.

Using personal learning aids – There are a number of course available on the market that provide tuition through the use of dvd’s or audio lessons and books.

Visit the language country – Actually being in the environment where a language is constantly being spoken is the best way to get a really good feel for it, although mastering a grip on the basics first is probably a good idea!