Benefits of car covers – How to choose

Cars are one of the most valuable items most people own after property and are essential part of their daily routine, having your car in the garage can be an expensive and inconvenient problem that you would much rather live without. Most people understand the importance of regular maintenance to prolong their cars life and reduce visits to the garage, but few recognize the real difference simply buying a cover for your car can make.

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There are many benefits to using a car cover :

Protection from scratches and dents.- A cover provides a protective layer over the cars paint work to help prevent damage from accidental knocks and bumps from other vehicles and passing prams, shopping trollies or other items.

Prevention of natural damage – Bird droppings, birds, insects, items falling from trees and dust landing on your car can caused damage to your paintwork, a cover acts as a barrier between the car and the outside world

Shelters your car from the weather. – The weather, hot and cold can not only affect your engine but also cause damage and rust to body work, a cover really helps protect your car from the elements.

Effective theft deterrent. – Evidence shows that thieves are more likely to walk past a covered vehicle as it is harder to enter undetected, it is also possible to add a lock to your cover for added security.

When choosing a cover for your car it is a good idea to take a number of factors into consideration including;

Where your vehicle is stored. – If you have a garage you may only require a lightweight options, if your car is stored outside you will need to consider a more weatherproof and secure option.

sun-and-rain-car-coverThe weather and climate where you live – If you know you are likely to have severe weather conditions where you live make sure the cover you choose is suitable for these, certain covers are produced using materials more suited to particular conditions for example rain, sun and snow. If you live somewhere hot you may want a lighter colored cover to help reflect the suns heat.

Breathability and airing – As a cover can trap dampness inside your vehicle if you are intending to use your cover for a long time it is a good idea to consider how effective the fabric is at allow air to flow through preventing moisture from being trapped inside.

How the cover will affect your paintwork. – Make sure the underside of the cover is soft and won’t be abrasive against your cars paint in anyway causing scratches and marks.

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If you are considering purchasing a cover for your car there are many different types available both in shops and online, it is worth having a good look before making your final choice to be certain you are getting good value and is it the most suitable for your needs.