8 Things to Apprehend before Removing Your Pubic Hair

During puberty, many changes occur including more body hair growth. Many people may opt to remove the body hair, and one of the commonly used methods of removing the hair is shaving. Removing your pubic hair should be a simple process, but that’s not always the case–that’s due to some reasons including the pubic region’s sensitivity. Below are things that you should know before removing your pubic hair:


Use a Good Shaving Blade

Using a new shaving stick or a sharp razor is essential. Recycling the blade will give you problems since it won’t shave the hair clean. It will cause towing of the hair resulting in skin irritation. Additionally, an old razor may have become rusted; this might cause small cuts when removing your pubic hair.


Use Shaving Creams

Removing your pubic hair without applying shaving creams may cause severe burns on your skin. Most shaving creams are made to raise the hair to have a closer shave. Others are intended for sensitive skin that surrounds the pubis region. The shaving cream also reduces the friction between the blade and your pubic skin.


Know the Best Hair Removal Method for You

For some people, shaving isn’t the best hair removal method. Some people have super sensitive skins that will have irritations or burns every time they shave. Using laser treatment to remove your pubic hair should also be carefully evaluated if you have light hair. Those with light hair may develop dark pigments at the follicles.


Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth

When shaving other parts of the body, we shave against the direction of hair growth. Don’t attempt this when removing your pubic hair. Cutting towards the hair’s nap will reduce the chances to get skin bumps and irritations.



Another way of removing your pubic hair is waxing. However, if possible, avoid waxing during the period’s time. Though not dangerous, waxing during this time may be hurtful since your skin is a bit more sensitive.


Sharing a Blade is Totally Inappropriate

When using a razor to remove your pubic hair, there are high chances of cutting yourself. Sharing a razor increases the possibilities of getting blood or other genital fluids-transmitted infections especially if you share it with an infected person.


Use Good Lighting

When trimming your pubic hair with scissors and limited light, you may injure yourself. Using the scissors to clip your hair without a good view of the pubic area may lead to several cuts. The pubic region has lots of blood vessels; therefore, a small scratch may lead to a bad cut and bleeding.


Treat the Razor Burns

If you use a dull or bacteria-infected razor, you are bound to get patches of small flat red spots in your pubic region. To treat it; numb with ice, then add hydrocortisone. To prevent the razor burns, avoid keeping your razor in the shower since the humidity and heat accelerate bacteria growth and rusting.


In sum, when removing your pubic hair, consider the above eight things to ensure a stress-free hair removal.

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